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  • [Beta] TeamSpeak 3 Client v3.0.9 Rilasciata

    La versione Client di TeamSpeak 3 versione 3.0.9 è stata rilasciata nel canale beta.
    Il cambiamento principale (oltre a quelli presenti nel changelog qua sotto) consiste nel nuovo sistema di configurazioni, ora salvate in un formato Sql anzichè il classico file .ini


    === Client Release 3.0.9 10 Oct 2012+ Changed the storage format of the configuration files to a SQLite database.
    Conversion is done automatically the first time the client is started, all
    affected files will be moved to a backup folder.
    + Increased Plugin API version to 19
    + Added setClientVolumeModifier to plugin API. Min/Max volume is -50.0 to +20.0
    + Added getClientNeededPermission and getPermissionIDByName to plugin API
    + Added missing plugin API parameters for onUpdateClientEvent
    + Added parsing of channel id "cid=xyz" from invitation link. If you also give
    a channel name parameter the channel id gets priority.
    e.g. http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/voic...k.com/?cid=xyz
    + Added channel/client search in active server tree with STRG+F but only if
    the server tree has the focus. Otherwise it is the ordinary chat search.
    + Added hotkey switch to previous/next channel (channel family).
    + Added hotkey switch to previous/next channel (same level).
    + Added hotkey request talk power.
    + Added hotkey revoke all and grant next user talk power.
    + Added revoke talk power by double clicking the tree icon.
    + Added revoke talk power and revoke all and grant next user talk power toolbar
    + Added host message preview button which shows the formatted message in a
    + Added Hotkey Gamepad and Joystick compatibility for RAW and Direct Input.
    Existing Direct Input hotkeys will be converted to Raw Input once Direct
    Input is activated. Existing Raw Input hotkeys cannot be converted so they
    have to be reassigned.
    + Added date and time to server log ("*** Log begins...").
    + Added bookmarkmanager context menu "sort by name".
    * After deleting an offline message the next message will be selected.
    * Moved possible existing serverquery authlogin and authpassword from
    ts3clientui_qt.conf to ts3clientui_qt.secrets.conf.
    * Added Made in Germany icon in About dialog.
    * Chat character counter always located left of newsticker.
    * Client drag&drop improvements.
    * Added -silent commandline parameter to package installer.
    * Package installer stores installed add-ons in addons.ini
    * Modified tree behaviour to avoid scrolling up/down constantly on crowded
    * Modified chat scrolling behaviour to keep the chat textoutput in place when
    new messages arrive while being scrolled up or having text selected.
    * Added [hr] bbCode support to channel description.
    * Added save and restore last ban reason when banning a client.
    * Added offline subject and message character limit.
    * When dropping many files into chat line the drop text will be just cut off at
    the end because of the chat line limit. When dropping many files into chat
    history and the message length would fit into two separate lines, the drop
    will be accepted. If the drop text is too long it will be ignored.
    * Small icons will get extended and centered to at least 16x16.
    * Added license display to server info (SERVER_LICENSE for template)
    - Fixed context menu in channel description edit.
    - Fixed HTML entities in plain chat log.
    - Fixed embedding local server banner URL in [IMG] tags is no longer necessary.
    Just drop an image from file filebrowser or type a valid ts3image:// link.
    - Fixed connecting to server via ts3server:// link or invitation if link
    contains a channel name.
    - Fixed a reply offline message coloring issue.
    - Fixed hotkey compatibility issue with keys "M" and "N".
    - Fixed hotkey issue with "keyboard & mouse only" (no keys were captured).
    - Fixed display of resized animated banner.
    - Fixed possibily blocking ban dialog time display.
    - Don't allow negative ban times.
    - Fixed icon viewer grid size, which could be broken after uploading icons
    which don't have the standard size of 16x16.
    - Updated b_client_is_sticky permission help text.
    - Fixed unicode usage of updater uncompression tool.
    - Fixed servericon not updating properly in chat tab.
    - Removed legacy VAD option from capture options.
    - Clear temporary statusbar message when typing chats, the max characters
    counter could overlap with tempoary help texts.
    - Fixed possible crash when using the -nohotkeys parameter.
    - Removed built-in serverquery Window. Future server versions do not support
    this anymore.
    - Fixed max input length calculation for channel description and offine
    messages when using unicode and escaped characters.
    - Fixed group sorting in channel groups of client dialog.
    - Fixed saving sort column and sort order in offline messages dialog.
    - Fixed that channel description editor only shows plain text.
    - Fixed plugin enable/disable checkbox at plastique style.
    - Fixed joining servers default channel if bookmarks default channel is full.
    - Fixed copying text from info frame if text is formatted with
    [list] tag.
    - Fixed background when dragging files from file browser.
    - The offline message dialog can be opened once per server and will act on the
    servers state.
    - Fixed upload/download state after resuming a transfer interrupted by error.
    - Fixed transfer state after resuming an interrupted transfer and also the
    transferred size.
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