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  • TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.17

    La versione 3.0.17 è ora disponibile anche nel canale stabile del Client di TeamSpeak.
    La maggior parte dei cambiamenti sono sostanzialmente non influenti per l'utente, troviamo un sistema di statistiche anonime sull'utilizzo, la presenza di termini da accettare per l'utilizzo del software, un sistema d'invio automatico dei crashdump, la sezione delle news migliorata (multilingua e a canali separati tra beta e stabile), aggiornamento della versione del codice e importanti cambiamenti nei compilatori utilizzati.

    La funzionalità di sincronizzazione tramite un account (per i segnalibri, identità, impostazioni, ecc.) non è presente perchè non soddisfa ancora le aspettative.

    === Client Release 3.0.17 22 Jul 2015
    * Updated to Qt 5.4.1 
    + Added automatic crashdump upload, replacing the old manual upload to the
      forum. In case of a crash, a report tool will show and ask the user if the
      dump should be automatically uploaded to our servers.
    + Collect and send anonymous statistics about users hardware and operating
      system to us for internal decisions (which hardware and OS version needs to
      be supported etc.). Disabled by default, user will be asked by a dialog the
      first time, to agree to send the data. Decision can be changed later in
      Options/Application/Anonymous Statistics. What exactly is being sent is
      displayed in the client log. If agreed, data is sent once per month. Users on
      beta channel always send the data.
    + Added multilingual license agreement dialog due to legal requirements.
    + Added multilingual newsticker with support for dynamic update periods.
    + Multilingual Windows installer.
    + Iconpacks default_colored_2014 and default_mono_2014 updated. Some icons
      were overhauled and some new were added.
    + OS X: Added support for GateKeeper Version 2 signatures for OS X 10.9 and
    + Added more icon names to settings.ini.
    + Improved support for high resolution Retina displays.
    + Added dialog to restart client after changing iconpack or language.
    + Added taskbar flashing on incoming chat message.
    + Updated Windows C++ runtime to version 120.
    - Fixed URL capture when emoticon replacement is enabled. The emoticon :/ was
      replaced inside hyperlinks (http://) and thus ruined the link. Also fixed
      clientid:// and channelid:// links, which were affected by the same problem.
    - Fixed scaling of various images.
    - Fixed possible crashes related to filetransfer.
    - Changed appearance of poke dialog when client is minimized, hidden or behind
      a fullscreen application.
    - Fixed crash with rotating users in 3D sound.
    - Fixed possible crash with some Bluetooth controllers.
    - Fixed searching server tree for custom name and nickname.
    - Fixed sending offline messages to multiple users.
    - Fixed issue with chat partner disconnecting.
    - Fixed special character treatment in TSDNS resolver.
    - Fixed various issues with URL tagging.
    - Reworked UTF-8 conversion backend.
    - Fixed possible crash with invalid texts in virtual server settings dialog.
    - Removed appscanner plugin due to questionable usefulness
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