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  • [Canale Beta] TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.18

    Oggi è stata rilasciata una nuova beta release.
    Questa dovrebbe fixare alcuni crash e aggiungere dei dialog di warning per i link esterni in modo tale che gli utenti vengano avvertiti quando cliccano su link generati nei vari dialogs.
    In aggiunta ora è possibile disabilitare i dialog dei poke dalle impostazioni.

    Lista cambiamenti:

    === Client Release 3.0.18 04 Sep 2015
    + Updated to Qt 5.5.0 for improved Windows 10 compatibility and to fix a crash
      seen in client 3.0.17
    + Added option to always prevent poke dialog as quick workaround after GamesCom
      feedback. See Options/Applications/Never Show Poke Dialog. This may be
      removed again when a more final solution is implemented.
    + Added warning dialog when opening hyperlinks to external pages.
    * Updated bundled Overwolf installer
    - Fixed address field on connect dialog to accept ts3server:// links again,
      a bug introduced with 3.0.17 release
    - No contextmenu in clients list of server groups dialog when the currently
      selected group is not a regular group.
    - Fixed Windows 8.1 and 10 detection in new statistics gathering in 3.0.17.
    - Updated some icons where outdated logo was shown
    - Prevent uploading URL shortcuts on Windows to prevent a client freeze.
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